Trademetrics is leader measuring the Web.

We are a research group dedicated to the extraction and analysis of indicators and web content in order to improve the visibility and international impact of companies, universities and people (professionals, customers and citizens), through the study and characterization of the Web, especially in aspects related to its creation, structure, topology, diffusion, interrelationships, evolution, consumption and impact (in academic-scientific, industrial and media sectors) through quantitative social research techniques.

Quadruple Helix

We apply bibliometric, patentometric and cybermetric techniques (inference techniques, social networking analysis, machine learning ...) to know the relationships between social actors, and increase the transfer of knowledge from the Academy to Society.

Responsible Science

By studying the impact, visibility and demand that scientific research has on the different parts of society, we are able to help to adapt, promote, support and improve scientific policies, at all levels, to completely fit the needs and demands made by citizens.

Industry & Companies

Through the application of cybermetric techniques to the different industrial sectors and their companies, we seek to understand their presence on the web, in order to improve and enhance their impact, visibility and level of internationalization.


We design scientometric techniques and indicators to analyze the scientific impact of authors and universities to complement the scientific evaluation. Including the development and application of altmetrics, and the extraction of best practices.

Academic Branding

We study ASEO techniques to position all kind of scientific material in different search engines (general and academic). Advisory and consulting tasks to researchers and universities to improve the dissemination of their scientific activities and their impact.