Scientific committee


ortega José Luis Ortega
Dr. José Luis Ortega is a web researcher collaborator of the Cybermetrics Lab (CSIC). He has published more than 40 international papers on webometrics (link analysis, web graphs, etc.), information consumption and web usage (web usage mining, web log files) and academic search engines (Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search). Recently, he has published “Social network sites for scientists: a quantitative survey” where he analyses, using webometric techniques, the most important academic social networking sites (ResearchGate,, Mendeley, etc.).
kousha Kayvan Kousha
Dr. Kayvan Kousha belongs to the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, at the School of Technology, University of Wolverhampton (UK). His research includes Web citation analysis and online scholarly impact assessment using Web-based quantitative and qualitative research methods. He is also Assistant Professor in the Library and Information Science Department, at the University of Tehran.
sandra Sandra Miguel
PhD in Documentation from the University of Granada, Spain (2008) and Bachelor in Library Science and Documentation from the National University of La Plata (UNLP), Argentina. Director of the Library Science Department from the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (FaHCE-UNLP). Professor of Library and Information Sciences degree at the same institution. In graduate leads the Specialization degree in Management of Scientific and Technological Information, and has taught courses in other degrees of the institution and external institutions, from Argentina and foreign countries. Researcher at the Institute for Research in Humanities and Social sciences (IdlHCs), UNLP-CONICET, specialized in studies of scientific communication, bibliometrics and open access.
pedraza Rafael Pedraza-Jiménez
professor of the Communication Department at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and member of the DigiDoc Research Group and Research Group of journalism. During his academic career he has participated and/or led several public projects and private research agreements, always related to aspects of the Web.


Organizing Committee

Adolfo Alonso Arroyo (Trademetrics Group – Universidad de Valencia)
Ángeles Calduch Losa (Trademetrics Group – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
José Antonio Ontalba Ruipérez (Trademetrics Group – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
Enrique Orduña Malea (Trademetrics Group – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
Jorge Serrano Cobos (Trademetrics Group – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
Cristina I. Font Julián (Trademetrics Group – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
Lidia Contreras Ochando (Dept. of Computer Systems and Computation – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)