Videos of Trademetrics’16

Miguel Borrás (Antara): “The three little pigs and the wolf: Competitive Intelligence challenges”.

Mike Thelwall (University of Wolverhampton): “Sentiment analysis: Applications and tools”.

Dixon Jones (Majestic): “How To Evaluate The Whole Web (Without being Google) “.

Jorge Ramos (Zalando): “From the reporting based on logs to the predictive analysis: the case of Zalando”.

Enrique Orduña (Universitat Politècnica de València): “How to build web network indicators useful for company decisions”.

Juan González (Sistrix): “Fashion under the SEO’s view”.

Isidro Aguillo (CSIC): “How the Webometrics Ranking was born”.

Fernando Angulo (SEMrush): “SEMrush research: Most common issues that every website have”.

Jérôme Basdevant (eRevalue): “Monitoring Emerging Risks through Text Analytics“.