Bernard J. Jansen

Social Computing Research Group del Qatar Computer Research Institute

Bernard J. Jansen

Social Computing Research Group del Qatar Computer Research Institute


Senior researcher at the social computing group of the Qatar Computer Research Institute, and professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Hamad bin Khalifa University, and associate professor of the Faculty of Information and Technology Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University .

He is editor-in-chief of the journal Information Processing & Management (Elsevier), member of the editorial boards of seven international journals, editor-in-chief of Internet Research magazine (Emerald), and has been a member of the research committee for the Professional Organization of Search engine marketing (SEMPO). He has been a Senior Fellow at Pew Research Center with Pew Internet and American Life Project and is a university expert at the National Ground Intelligence Center.

BERNARD J. JANSEN (Social Computing Research Group del Qatar Computer Research Institute):

Q: What led you to dedicate to your area of expertise?
A: I have always been interested in information searching, which then lead me to keyword advertising and then social media.

Q: What is your approach when researching? Are you more fan of statistical anlyses / social computing research, cualitative, both…?
A: I am an applied researcher and a big fan of mixed methods.

Q: How would you explain to an Internet professional the progress of your research and how can marketers can take advantage of it?
A: I keep close ties with the practitioner community and alot of my research comes from discussions with practitioners. So, my research has an applied angle to it.

Q: What is the biggest difficulty you find in relation to data providers on the Internet? I mean, do your prefer APIs, scraping, your own tools…
A: There are many ways to get data. The issues are the noise in the data and having the data one needs to address a research objective. These are hard.

Q: What do you think is the most important indicator / killer data for marketing purposes nowadays?
A: Customer segmentation data and then finding ways to correctly use this data in a privacy-preserving manner.

Q: In the medium term, do you think that robotization will erase the role of the (human) Analist? will be there an added value that will allow the survival of human professionals in analytics?
A: Yes. the human is under pressure. We all (myself included) need to find contributions that the machine can not do.

Q: Could you give us a preview of your next research?
A: Looking for ways to quickly and easily allow humans to segment customers according to KPIs.

Q: Please, tell us a couple of names of people that you think have made a significant contribution in your area of research. Why?
A: Salar Kamangar, Eric Veach, and Diane Tang — some of the key developers of Google AdWords. Hard to find technology, other than Google itself, that had more impact on the Web than Google AdWords.

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