Daniel García La Torre

Marketing & Country Manager at SISTRIX

Daniel García La Torre

Marketing & Country Manager at SISTRIX
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He is currently Marketing & Country Manager in the German company SISTRIX GmbH, which is a complete analytics tool for search engine positioning (SEO). Daniel holds a degree in Advertising and PR from the University of Navarra and is certified as a Project Manager in Germany. After years as a marketing and sales consultant he now focuses his work on expansion and brand development for the SEO tool in Spain.

INTERVIEW TO DANIEL GARCÍA (Marketing & Country Manager at SISTRIX):

Q: You have been a sales and communication consultant, marketing, master’s professor in SEO… If you had to explain in a few lines why a SEO professional like you should use your tool and not another… What would you say? 

A: Quality. Not just data quality. In a professional SEO world we should all use tools like SISTRIX. What has helped me the most since I started working with the tool is the quality and reliability of the data, but if I had to talk about something other than quality, I would talk for example about the frequency of updating the data that allows me to see the daily evolution of my web positioning, which helps me among other things to easily recognize if I have been affected by Google Updates, etc.. The ease with which all this data is displayed makes daily work much easier. Being able to make an exhaustive analysis of my competence in Google, detect content problems such as cannibalization of keywords, recognize errors in the implementation of Hreflang or be able to study the changes that Google shows in the SERPs of my URLs with just one click, helps us prioritize tasks that all SEO should take into account in their daily work.

Q: Since we’ve mentioned your tool, could you give us a preview of it?

A: We are working on greater globalization and the continuous increase of data and possibilities within the tool. In the last weeks of 2018 we incorporated into our databases a set of new keywords for analysis in all the countries we had available in the tool, in the same way and to improve the available analysis, we have incorporated another 10 new countries, so that our tool now has a total of 28 countries for which you can analyze your entire domain or parts (subdomains, directories and URLs) as well as their positioning in the search results of Google’s top 100. Soon we will include more countries, functions and data in the tool so that every user will continue to have the best SEO data available in the market. In addition we are preparing a wizard to create content based on lists of our keywords, a custom wizard to discover keywords, etc..

Q: In a market that is constantly changing and where there is so much different competition, what do you think is the greatest difficulty of web data providers in the market?

A: In addition to providing you with all the data you need to conduct your business, data providers are an important source of information to evaluate the potential of new articles, track the online actions of your competitors and identify areas of opportunity for yourself. The problem is knowing where this data is taken from. There are many possible sources but, are they all good? That is why in this global and changing world, the main problem we face on a daily basis is “reliability” (we could also say trust).
In our case and taking into account that SISTRIX is not a data provider but an SEO analysis tool, we know that the data we offer is a reflection of online reality and we can say that they are also reliable and stable data for the current time.

Q: Do you remember the moment when you decided that you were going to dedicate yourself professionally to marketing and later to SEO? How was it? Why?

A: The truth is that I could not say that it happened as a mere click, but it has been a long process of learning, changes and learning from the changes in the market that has ended in my current position. Since I started my studies in advertising and public relations my objective has always been the same, to make companies known, impact potential customers and convert this impact into sales. I have changed company and country several times throughout my professional career until I started working with SISTRIX, the market leader for SEO tools in Germany, where I am not only in direct contact with the latest market trends and needs, but I also enjoy being able to have the best set of data available today.

Q: You work in Germany, and you are helping SISTRIX to expand the business in Spain. What do you think Spanish companies need to succeed on the Internet?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. My point of view and, I think, shared by many of the online professionals, is that there is still a lack of great acceptance and regulation of the online brand. Today, Google itself responds to many user queries directly so the ideal and necessary is that our “brand” is strong enough for our users to search us directly. By this I mean that today, the world is mobile and we must know our visibility, online reach, take care of our image and bet on a world in which the results, although not direct, are more than proven.

Q: How is the day to day of a Marketing & Country Manager? What tasks do you usually carry out?

A: The description of a day in my job is difficult, there aren’t two equal days. Part of my work focuses on the development and expansion of the SISTRIX tool business in Spain. For this, I dedicate a daily time to the analysis of data and ratios of our market, looking for opportunities in the market as well as new points of contact with our target audience. On the other hand, I share my work in the office in Germany with professional training in companies, universities and marketing schools where I help to better understand the possibilities of our tool, to understand our data and the importance of measuring success in organic results in Google. In addition to training, I combine my daily work with writing our blog for Spain, where I analyze case studies, analyze Google-Updates and write about SEO news. Customer service and friends of SISTRIX is also part of my work, I help all customers who contact our team to manage their questions or needs.

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