Lakil Essady

CEO at Crawlo

Lakil Essady

CEO at Crawlo


Lakil is CEO and founder of CRAWLO, a data analysis tool for e-commerce, which ranges from price tracking, to assortment analysis, content and campaign monitoring.

Previously, he was Co-founder of several digital projects, as well as Advice and Digital Strategy for main brands such as: Carrefour, IKEA, HOLA, Media Markt, Vodafone and Zara.

Lakil was one of the first SEOs in Spain to give lectures at SMX 2008 and SMX 2009 congress. Now he combines his work with e-commerce and SEO courses at different Masters and Universities.

Interview to Lakil Essady (CEO at Crawlo):

Q: What led you to dedicate yourself to your area of ​​expertise? Was it related to what you were doing before?
A: Before embarking on the adventure of CRAWLO (Data Analytics for eCommerce), he had worked for years in e-commerce projects, both his own projects (online store Regalador) or third-party projects as well as Carrefour, Media Markt, IKEA etc. Until then my mission was to help in attracting traffic and converting to sales, but year after year, I began to realize that the factors that really impact sales are not in the design of a website (which also) but rather are aspects related to something more basic: have the right product, have the right price, have quality content etc. It was then that I came up with the idea of ​​creating something related to the analysis of On Site and Off Site factors that can impact sales in an eCommerce.

Q: Speaking of your work… What is a typical day like? How much of R&D do you do? Do you investigate alone or in the company of others, and if so, next to what kind of academic or professional profiles do you work and/or would you like to work?
A: When we started CRAWLO, the field was completely unknown, monitoring millions of products daily, processing them and delivering them to the customer in the form of easy-to-digest insights is a major technological challenge, both at the software level (Big Data) and at the hardware level (servers, IPs, proxies etc). During the last 2 years, to create the product, every day we did something we had never done before. It is an unexplored terrain, we have to learn to do things while we do them, for me it is mostly a R&D job. About the profiles with which I work, unfortunately the academic record does not help to solve the problems of day to day, the technology evolves every day and with it, we.

Q: If you had to explain to an internet professional how your tool differs from others in the market, and how you can take advantage of it for your marketing strategy… How would you do it?
A: There are no tools in the market with a 360º eCommerce approach, most of the tools are focused on price monitoring, we say that this is fine, the price is fundamental for online sales, CRAWLO monitors millions of prices daily, but what makes us different is the total analysis of the competitors, from the catalog of products to the contents and services. In addition, we give access to the historical data in a visual and easy to understand way, which allows our clients to analyze trends and changes in the commercial and product strategy of their competitors.

Q: Do you use Internet data? If you can know how you get them, what is the biggest difficulty you find in relation to the providers of data on the Internet (read Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? For example, the variety of APIs, the prices, the changing coverage (with which the universe of your data changes), the opacity of how they obtain them or how they elaborate certain indicators, other problems…
A: CRAWLO uses public Internet data, one of the ways that we use to obtain that data is the crawling of eCommerce and Marketplace websites. But we have another set of techniques related to APIs, agreements and other sources that I can not disclose.

Q: From your point of view… What would you say is the most important indicator or data? (in your work area, that “killer data” if there is one)
A: The main indicator is the demand or relevance in the market that has a certain product. Because if you sell products that nobody wants to buy, the story ends. We create an index of relevance of the products to identify the most demanded in the market, and we do it thanks to the multidimensional analysis mixing several parameters that I can comment privately with a coffee but not in a post 🙂

Q: This is a recurring question in our interviews: In the medium term, do you think that robotization will come to dominate your area of ​​knowledge or will there always be a human value that guarantees the survival of human professionals and researchers?
A: As far as hardware robotics is concerned, it does not affect us, but if we understand robotics Bots, autonomous processes and machine learning, this is already part of our day-to-day, our current CRAWLO team consists of 9 humans, a fictional character named Mr. Kaplan, a fox (Fox), a sheepdog (Shepherd), and some 509 goats, and I can say that it is a real honor to work with all of them.

Q: We have mentioned your R&D before… Could you tell us a preview about your product, something that you are thinking of launching or that will soon come to light?
A: We can announce that we are working in depth in the integrations with other tools of the market, to cross our data with theirs and see what kind of information are we able to get, this is something we are going to launch in the next few weeks.

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